Which is Better: Razor or Trimmer

Every modern person strives for perfection. Neat appearance, well-groomed and beauty says a lot about the person. Getting rid of excess body hair is related to beauty in general as well. However, both women and men are sometimes faced with a choice. Which is better: razor or trimmer?

At first, I also doubted the alternative. I love beards. I would gladly wear it if my work allowed me. The working environment forces me to get rid of “excess vegetation”. However, sometimes on vacation, I allow myself to grow a beard. So, how to make the right choice? I will share some useful tips based on my experience. And I note that you’ll understand the difference between shaving and trimming by reading the article.

What to Look For?

As members of a civilized society, we are obliged to monitor our appearance every day and even every minute. And the first thing people behold to is a face. Thus, it needs the most careful care. What will help us to make a face look nice-looking? The answer is simple – trimmer vs. razor.

If you plan to wear a beard, you ought to take care of it, maintain the desired length, and trim. You know, when I wear a beard sometimes, I spend a lot more time on proper care. The trimmer will help me. When I want smoothness and cleanliness, I use another tool. If wearing a beard is not for you, a razor blade will help make the skin on your cheeks and chin as smooth and clean as possible.

Difference between shaving and trimming

As you can see, I have two devices. It makes my life easier. I share my opinion with you. These two tools cannot replace each other. They complement the process. Believe me, if you are already on the path of choice, take into account:

  • What do you need: a beard, a light haircut, smoothness, or something else? – The choice of the device depends on it.
  • Can you buy two tools if you change your appearance often?
  • If you want to dwell on one thing, then ask if there is a nozzle – a beard trimmer.

What’s the Difference?

Many adult men have probably already compared two types of devices. Although those young men who are just beginning their adult journey sometimes wander and look for the answer: which is best. I can’t say that I noticed a lot of dissimilarities between the instruments. Probably the biggest is the size and purpose. Trimming, edging, cutting out in the nose, ears make the trimmer unlike and opposite to the razor. You may find different attachments for a specific purpose. Also, such tools have various designs, including sizes.

You can see more details about the difference between trimmer and shaver in the table below.

Compact, light, comfortable.Larger in size, heavier.
Intended for the design and style, edging.Intended for a smooth, clean face.
Used in places inaccessible to razors (ears and nose).Used in accessible places (the face and chin).
Shave leaving bristles.Shave without leaving bristles.
May have different nozzles for various designs.May have one extra nozzle – trimmer.

How and for What Purpose to Use Electric Trimmer

How to shave with electric trimmer

The principle of operation of the trimmer is quite simple. However, you’ll have to adapt to its use. The correct edging technique helps to obtain the desired result, providing an accurate contour. You should read the instructions for use. This is the first and consequential part of shaving with a trimmer. In the instructions, you’ll find which attachments and modes to use to get a specific result. You can also read how to store it properly and what safety precautions you need to follow, etc. Every man can utilize the device to some purpose:

  • shave beard, mustache;
  • perform edging haircuts;
  • remove vegetation at the necessary points;
  • perform intimate curly hairstyles;
  • make eyebrow shape correction;
  • remove hair in the ears and nose.

Electric Shaver vs. Trimmer


  • Provides a better clean shave;
  • Requires little shaving effort;
  • Some models are equipped with trimmers.


  • Makes work with little details superiorly;
  • Additional nozzles help with the creation of a beard shape.
  • Can cut hair in hard to reach places.

Both types are safe. Their use doesn’t add scratches and cuts. They are designed for long-term use.

And Finally

So, you’ve probably noticed the contrast. Can you find out which is better: trimmer or shaver, which suit you? I assure you that the big plus of both electrical appliances is time savings. They are much faster, more efficient. Trimming, shaving a beard, and mustache usually takes only 3-5 minutes. This is very convenient for people who do not want to spend too much time taking care of themselves. Both tools help to look clean and well-groomed.


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