What is a Foil Shaver Used for?

Do you like traveling? You may need to change your location to do business and sign successful contracts. You might go on vacation to see the sights. I hope you don’t restrict your movement because of fears, lack of time or money. Anyway, you are to be always in good form. What is a foil shaver used for? You know already that you can use wet & dry electric shaver everywhere. These modern devices are versatile and efficient. Now let’s discuss which type is better. Which one suits your delicate skin and enables close shave? I’ll try to reveal all secrets of these modern and convenient razors.

Electric Shavers: Which is better?

Don’t you still use an electric razor? If you think about it, this decision is timely. If you travel a lot, an efficient device is a must. It’s essential for busy businessmen who work 11-12 hours a day. It saves your time and lets you look first-class. Can you use a foil shaver? If you have already done justice to your favorite device, you are lucky. Enjoy its convenience and ease of use.

It’s still possible to give an electric razor as a gift to your husband or father. It would be a worthy present that is:

  • versatile;
  • significant;
  • practical.

You also can use shaving cream with an electric razor. It’s safe if your device is water-resistant. Wet and dry use is to be possible. Rechargeable, battery-powered devices are handy. Attachments, charge display and quick-charge features are optional. They are not to everyone’s taste. Shaving technology is primary.

Foil vs Rotary Shaver

Selection could be a daunting task. You are to opt for the electric shaver’s type at first. Most popular are foil and rotary devices. It depends on your preferences. So, let’s compare their basic attributes.

QualityFoil RazorRotary Shaver
Basic partsfoils and oscillating bladesrotating shaving heads
Shaveclosenot too precise
Shave time, min.3-55-7
Motionstraight linescircular
Preferencessensitive skinlong, wild and thick hair

You may consider both shaver types traditional. Your father or grandmother might use foil or rotary razor for decades. This dilemma is age-old. Thus, Remington introduced their first close shaver in 1937. A rotary device consists of cutter or blades and a thin layer of metal that is foil. It protects your sensitive skin from cuts and nicks.

Philips launched their first rotary shaver in 1939. This razor type uses independent circular cutters. Commonly, there are 3 or 4 rotating heads that lift the hair and cut it inside of its rotary discs. Therefore, it works well with thick, coarse hair. It’s quiet in operation. Additionally, it works for thick beards or specific areas like chin or neck. But rotary shavers are hard to clean, and they don’t allow too precise shave.

How Does a Foil Shaver Work?

How Does a Foil Shaver Work

I prefer this type. Let me explain why. Foil razors come with metallic foil that touches your skin. It works like a protective layer, including tiny holes. Your hair slips into them. Then the blades cut it inside. The cutters move back and forth. So, foil razor shaves in straight lines. If you need to make a straight edge of your beard, it’s your choice.

Foil razors are preferable for daily use. They work on short, thin hair, providing smooth, gentle shave. Commonly, hair on face is thinner than on your legs. It grows quicker. Its diameter is about 0.001 inches. Its growth depends on several factors.

So, foil shavers are:

  • kind, gentle on your skin;
  • fast to move;
  • providing close, precise shave;
  • less irritating.

Blades spin at high speeds. Their vibration rate is up to 14,000 cycles/minute. So, your smart device saves your precious time.

What about foil shaver head use? With balding attachment, it’s possible. The razor removes all stubble from the area in several passes. It doesn’t pull on your hair. So, it causes less irritation. Foil shaver is preferable for sensitive skin.

On the other side, these fast and accurate devices are noisy. Additionally, foil shavers lack circular motion and pivoting. If you have an angular facial structure, this type might struggle with its contour.

How to Use a Foil Shaver

How to Use a Foil Shaver

I hope, you have already chosen a modern, feature-rich device. Waterproof electric razors are beneficial. They meet all your shaving needs. Foil shaver for pubic hair might look like a trimmer or body groomer. These devices come with several useful attachments.

Have you got a wet & dry electric shaver model? If so:

  1. Wash your face or take a shower.
  2. Soften your skin and beard with a wet washcloth.
  3. Use your favorite pre-shave product.
  4. Move the shaver with the grain.
  5. Pull your skin tight with your non-dominant hand.
  6. Look in a mirror to check for missed spots.
  7. Apply lotion or after-shave cream to maintain your skin.

The shaver needs regular maintenance too. Foil devices are easy to clean. Use a brush or cleaning station, therefore. Recharge your shaving device. As soon as the edges are not sharp enough, replace blades and foil. It may come as a cartridge. So, you can easily replace the shaver’s head.


Are you going to select a functional foil shaver? This device is gentle to your skin. It enables fast, precise shave. Use it every day to have clean-shaven, professional look. Foil shavers are also suitable to remove your body hair or to keep your head bald. Just select a suitable model that comes with necessary features and useful attachments.


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