Is It Better To Shave Before or After a Shower?

Shaving was a real ritual earlier, perhaps even an event in a man’s life. Hairdressers made hot compresses, skillfully coped with dangerous razors, lubricate the skin with aromatic mixtures. The whole process took at least an hour. As a result, the client had a smooth, fragrant, and tidy face, like a baby. As I know, modern men spend only five minutes on shaving, don’t they? Frequently pieces of bristles remain on their chins. The pimples and redness appear very often. Of course, this won’t happen if you utilize a perfect shaver. But you ought to know, is it better to shave before or after a shower? Let’s find out.

Variants of Electric Shave After or Before Shower

When men appreciate a woman’s beauty, they pay attention to the legs, don’t they? Similarly, women choose neat, beautiful, well-groomed men. Men and women love cleanliness. Someone likes to sit in a too-hot bath and then shave. And someone prefers to clean his face in the tub. Some claim that hot water intensifies the rashes, redness. Well, let’s analyze all the shaving peculiarities before or after a shower with an electric razor.

Skin TypeHow to Determine (Features)How to Shave
SensitiveTightening, dryness, redness, irritation.Before shower
DryInelasticity, tightening, exfoliation.After shower
OilyGlossy shine, pallor, enlarged visible pores.After shower
NormalIdentical color and structure, not very wide pores.Before or after shower


The water heats the body, moistens it, and restores its elasticity. Such conditions for working with a shaver are preferable for me. But you must act without bigotry. Hot water dries the covers, thus makes skin vulnerable to damage. Everyone has a temperature threshold. The body has a different sensitivity, condition, and predisposition.

Note water has an excellent emollient effect on the structure of beard and hair. It won’t be so hard, and you’ll easily cut it with any tool. It slides more easily on smooth steamed skin. Connoisseurs of uncompromising purity shave only after bathing. Dirt, sweat particles, bacteria do not migrate on the face with the shaver.

Advantages of shaving:

  • Smooth gliding. The smoothest slide of the shaver provides a painless procedure. Most professional barbers propose removing the bristles just after visiting the bath. In case the face is steamed and smooth, it’s best to shave it.
  • Pore expansion. Dry men’s bristles can be compared to copper wire. Water is essential in this case. The hair is malleable. The razor won’t lug the skin.
  • Neatness. Microbes, dirt, and sweat are washed off during washing. So the face leaves clean. The razor will not smear mud on the skin. Consequently, the blade doesn’t spread on various sides. It doesn’t transport harmful microorganisms. Don’t you know if to go to a shower or shave first? I advise you to try all methods. I did so and found that I have no problems after the bath. When I touch my skin, I feel great pleasure.


Shave in the shower without cream with electric razor

If you possess irritable delicate skin, then I offer to shave firstly. I do so when I’m in a hurry. It saves time. I wash the foam off the face when washing. Let’s try this technique too.


Many friends sometimes ask me, “is it good to shave previously the shower”? I say that everything depends on the body features. The derma can irritate from the warm water and lose all-natural fats. Such bathing increases sensitivity. Even special shaving cream may not work for everyone. In this case, men who have a problem and irritable skin can do the shaving heretofore washing.
Shaving previous to bath saves a lot of time and effort. You can immediately begin washing. It helps to keep precious seconds. The remnants of hair can be removed from the face in the bath.


If you like to wash and appreciate smooth cheeks, then a wet shave is a preferable option. It simplifies the controversy of shave before or after a bath.


  • Softer hair. Water is the superior weapon against hard bristles! The bathing helps to open pores that stimulate clean and fast cutting.
  • The hair rises. The appropriate water stimulates the work of skin-deep muscles, which lift the stubble. It simplifies the cutting. The bristle doesn’t grow in.
  • Stop irritation. A moisture assists prevent rashes—the usage of facial products, gels with water influences the perfect slipperiness. So the razor doesn’t create friction when moving and is less irritating to the skin.
  • Fast process. People who have an active lifestyle and job can try to shave in the bath or shower. Thus, time savings are guaranteed. It won’t take long.

How About the Other Parts?

Beautiful and well-groomed legs are a great advantage of every girl. However, caring for women’s legs is not as easy as it may seem. Some girls curse shaving. Do you shave your legs after or before taking a bath? How do girls do as a rule? They quickly shave the body, wash, and so on. Then women receive irritation, burns from such haste. In summer, your legs attract even more attention from others, so they should look perfect. As I said above, warming up the body in thermal water is the first task.

Women prefer men with a harmonious, slender body. However, some focus on a beautiful face and even a haircut. Now a lot of men like to grow a beard but bare their heads. It is, of course, elegant and stylish. But such a lesson requires a lot of time and wiles, doesn’t it? Some cut their hair completely. You may shave the head by the method on wet hair too. The right approach to razor hair deprivation will lead to a beautiful result.


Consequently, how to shave a face? Most hairdressers advise shaving after wash. You feel free to take a shower before if the skin features allows it. In case of a lack of free seconds, choose another method. If you like to soak in the bath and have free time, then relax the body first, and then shave. But I know exactly from my experience that you ought to try all variants. Thus you’ll find out what suits you.

The skin of men recovers much faster than women. But over time, many dead cells appear on its surface, which further complicates the procedure. In general, bristle removal will be precisely convenient if you select the right products and reliable tools. You can also shave in the shower without cream.


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