How to Take Apart a Disposable Razor?

Everyone understands that razors blunt quickly. Very often, we need to take apart a Gillette razor. However, if these are simple immutable heads, then the question arises on how to do it. Of course, you won’t always turn to professionals, will you? If we talk about safety shavers, the procedure is easy. After all, a person ought to unscrew, remove the cover from the head. The next step is removing and changing with pre-cleaning. But how to take apart a disposable razor? We will learn all the details from the article. I will remind you of the disposable tools types, and give step-by-step instructions for removing the blade.

Regarding Types

As you already know, there are many different types of razors: disposable and electric. And often it is difficult for us to find our best option. After all, even the best Venus razor can do irreparable damage to your skin. So, I want to remind you of the basic types of disposable machines. I gathered the exact information in the table.

Types of razorsFeatures
With a replaceable headThis tool is the most "advanced" device now.
• It has thin blades, floating heads, strips with emollient and bactericidal action;
• The skin remains as smooth and clean as possible;
• You can easily take apart your head and replace it with a sharp one.
With several bladesMost people choose such tools more and more often.
• They are compact, light and comfortable in any situation;
• It provides a smoother skin;
• You make fewer body movements;
• You cannot worry about self-harm with such a disposable razor.
The single-blade shaverIt allows you to repeat the contours of the face or body accurately. You can:
• shave quickly and optimally;
• turn the tool at any angle;
• have to be careful and cautious;
• easily injure your skin with such a thing.

So you know, if you need to remove blades from a razor, the easiest way to do it is with the first option. All you need to do is eliminate the head with a few fingers and replace it with another. The third variant will be easy too. You only have to take away one edge. A device with multiple blades requires attention and more time. First, remove the upper layer, and successively the lower.

What the Actions Look Like: a Sequence

In the case of taking a blade out of a disposable razor, you should use fire. However, you must also remember about safety. After all, you can get a burn, from heated plastic or a candle, lighter. Therefore, in this case, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should skillfully treat the wound.

I’ll tell you even more. I was also involved in this process. And to be honest, I was confident in my actions. However, when I get a blade out of a plastic razor, I touched the heated plastic and a blade. I received a minor burn and cut that took a long time to heal. Therefore, I advise you to be careful. So let’s begin.

Step 1

taking a blade out of a disposable razor

Prepare all the necessary tools:

  • Thin needle-nose pliers or tweezers;
  • Candle, lighter, matches, etc.;
  • The tool itself.

Step 2

How to get a blade out of a razor without fire

  • Light the flame;
  • Take a razor and hold it over the fire;
  • The flame heats the plastic, and it becomes soft in about 20 seconds.

Step 3

How to take a razor head off

  • When you see that the plastic has warmed up, take thin pliers;
  • Grab the blade with them;
  • Pull it. If it is difficult, then heat the razor again;
  • Pull out all of them, in turn, heating the item periodically.

Here you should remember one thing. If there are several blades, then you should start from the top to the bottom.


Basic Questions and Answers

How to get a blade out of a razor without fire?

The flame makes the task much easier than other methods. I advise you to utilize such an option. However, you can also utilize a knife. It must be very sharp. So, you should cut off the top cover and get one blade. And then cut the next plastic and get the rest. This option is also dangerous because you can cut your hands with a knife.

How to get razor blades out of the package?

If we are talking about a replaceable cartridge and the packaging is plastic, then the task is simple. I press on one side from the outside. The package pushes the head itself. If you need to remove a sharp blade, then carefully open the box. Holding it in one hand, carefully open the other. Therefore, one side of your blade should be paperless. Gently take it in parallel with two fingers.

How to take a razor head off?

As a rule, you should see a notch or the button on the corresponding tools. Click on it, and the head should come off the handle. Then take a new head, and attach it to the handle with a squeeze. You should hear a click.

And Finally

Today there are many ways to get rid of excess hair. The most common option is a razor. You should change these tools more often. I think you learn how to take apart a shaving razor. Don’t forget about safety so, find the right tools. Such an objective is a dangerous task. You can slash your hand very easily. Just follow the rules to perform such work. Remember that the edges are quite fragile and can break. However, thanks to their replacement, you will be able to conduct a better procedure.


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