How to Sharpen Razor Blades with Baby Oil

Every man or woman wants to get smooth skin after using any type of razor. So, the shaving process should be enjoyable, right? To achieve such an effect, a person must keep safety razor blades sharp and in excellent condition, i.e., to clean and lubricate it regularly. Most people completely ignore all the rules. Then they complain that their tools break quickly. How to sharpen razor blades with baby oil? How to take care of different types? Let’s find out interesting tips from the article.

What are the Methods of Sharpen Razor Blades for Cutting?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, shaving can be a real challenge for anyone. Therefore, you must keep the tools dry. Also, you should not shave with a blunt object and sharpen a dull straight razor more often.

I have listed in the table some working, simple methods. After all, I understand that there is an enormous choice of razors. And the tastes are also different for everyone. I also use different devices according to the situation. So, I took into account disposable and electrical tools and gave a sequence of actions for sharpening. Of course, there are specialized disposable razor blade sharpeners. However, not everyone has them at home. I recommend simple home remedies.

1. Take regular jeans.1. Take a food foil.
2. Dry the tool.2. Cut it into small pieces.
3. Turn the jeans and lay them on a flat surface.3. Fill up a blade with it.
4. Rub the shaver blades on the fabric in the direction away from you.4. Turn on the machine for 3 minutes.
5. Repeat the movements about 25 times in one and the opposite direction.5. Turn off the tool and pour out the foil.

I hope the info helped you understand how to sharpen electric razor blades and disposables as well.

Notes on Disposable Instruments

  • Old jeans or a piece of leather will be a nice substitute for specific sharpeners.
  • Also, clean the blades from various skin or hair residues with a needle or toothpick.

Notes on Electric Instruments

  • I use electrical tools very often. The blades are oxidized, so it affects the sharpness. The fastest way of self-sharpening electric razors for me is toothpaste and brush. You understand that the hair remains on the blades. I clean it with a brush and apply the paste. Then I turn on the tool and, in a few minutes, turn off it.
  • The last step is to remove the blades and rinse everything with warm water. Then lubricate it with the mineral oil for an electric shaver. It works definitely.

Let’s try to learn a few more available steps to care for the necessary devices. After all, only care contributes to long-term use.

Proper and Effective Care

A lot of my familiar people often ask me, how do you make razor blades last longer? This question is interesting. So, I will give you the advice that you should take care of your things. I suggest you consider a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Washing and Cleaning

how do you make razor blades last longer

The main task after the shaving process is cleaning. You must rinse the tool under warm water. If I take a disposable razor, I put it under running water. But I try to rinse so that the water flows from back to front. It will help wash out the hair. An ordinary toothbrush and toothpick also help me. I clean the holes between the blades with such things. Also, I never knock the razor on the sink, and I don’t advise you.

Step 2 – Drying

keep razor blades sharp

If you want to keep razor blades sharp, they must be dry every time. I let it dry on its own. I know that towels can damage the blades. That’s why I don’t wipe tools. Most likely, I rub an armpit several times in the opposite direction. Try this method, because you will get rid of excess moisture.

Step 3 – Oiling

how do you keep razor blades sharp with baby oil

The next step is lubrication with oil. The advantage of baby oil for an electric razor (or disposable) is that you can utilize it for the process itself. Such a product can be an ideal shaving cream replacement. I often use it for this purpose. Take a small amount of oil and lubricate the blades with it. You can apply it to any type of shaver. If you have taken too much liquid, then wipe it lightly with a napkin. If it is an electric device, switch on the appliance, so that the oil spreads over the entire net or blade.

So, how do you keep razor blades sharp with baby oil? Do you already know the answer? The oil remains on the surface of the blades. It protects them for a long time from blunting, oxidation or rust. Of course, such a procedure provides sharpness and a great shave next time.

Step 4 – Proper storage

prevent razor from rusting

Keeping the razor in good condition will help to prevent your razor from rusting. Accumulation of any skin dirt damages the tool. And disposable items may become unusable for the next use. Of course, you should store them in a dry place, free of moisture and water. I toss a few more packages of salt near the shaver. They absorb excess humidity. If you take care of a razor, you’ll prolong its life. No matter how dull the shaver is, you can sharpen it. All these methods will assist you.

Video: Sharpen Old Razor Blades With Jeans


I think you understand the essence of the article. So, our main task is to keep the blades clean and dry. It contributes to the sharpness and longevity. Why is a dull razor less helpful than a sharp one? There are many reasons for this statement. If we have dull, unsharpened tools, we have to work with them several times in one place. That continues the process itself and can lead to irritation. The sharp blades will reduce your time in half. You will be able to get rid of excess vegetation faster and get more smoothness. Consequently, follow the rules of care. You will be able to reuse disposable razors rather than throwing them away.


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