How Long Do Electric Shavers Last

Every man wants to look handsome, well-groomed, right? Shaving plays a significant role in appearance. That is why it is so important to find “your” device that cuts hair quickly, painlessly, and nicely. A shaver is an accessory that works from the electrical grid or on batteries. The proper razor simplifies and accelerates the process. Every man may clean the face entirely or keep up the shape of a beard or mustache. However, you should know how long do electric shavers last. What does the period of working depend on? Read the info below.

Take Care of the Electric Razor

Any technical device requires careful maintenance. The first rule of good service is following the purity of your products, which include electrical shavers. It often happens that men have irritation on the face and even red spots after the procedure. Cosmetologists and the American Academy of Dermatology claim that the cause is blunt blades, not very good devices, dirt, and bacteria, etc. You must know how to clean the instrument after every operation. Excellent care will help the device to last longer. A good razor will work long enough.

The ideal work of the razor depends on the right conditions. The blades must be sharp that promote quick and quality shaving. Such a procedure brings aesthetic pleasure — the order and frequency of service based on the model.

  • Modern expensive models have an automatic self-cleaning function. You only need to lubricate it occasionally, using special oil.
  • Some more budget models have a particular sensor. It will tell the owner that it’s time to clean. Lubrication is carried out with a specific frequency.
  • Simple models do not have such a sensor. Therefore, the man must deterge the shaver after each procedure. You ought to oil electric shaver at regular intervals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Ways to clean razors
Dry• Remove the head and get rid of hair with a brush.
• Don't touch the cutting grid.
• The mechanical impact can disrupt its sharpness.
• After the procedure, turn on the device for a few seconds.
Wet• Use water and liquid soap.
• Special sprays also can easily and fast remove the remnants of sebum and hair.
Lubricating• A drop of oil provides the necessary care to the razor.
• Apply the oil after washing on the cutting unit regularly every six months.

Every man can use an electric razor. It’s much more practical, convenient, and quick. It doesn’t require any shaving foams or creams. Nonetheless, you ought to know how to care for it. After all, the hair remains inside the device. A shaver won’t work without even simple washing.

How Long Do Electric Razors Last?

How Long Do Electric Razors will Last

Modern technology, namely electric razors, allows us to keep up a tidy appearance. It is mobile and convenient due to many features. Man doesn’t need any cream, gel, water, or anything else in the process of electrical shaving. Besides, such a machine is safer and more durable than the usual shaver. So the question of how many times you should use a usual razor will no longer be so necessary.

Keeping the instrument in good working order is acceptable for both the face and the wallet, isn’t it? Such devices are more expensive than conventional razors. However, in the long run, they can be a very profitable investment. The first condition is to buy reliable, high-quality equipment. The more expensive the razor, the longer it will last. If you may spend a little more money, then you’ll get quality electric razors with more guarantees. You use it longer.

The shavers can operate from 5 to 10 years. It all depends on accurate usage and care. The razor will serve you even longer than ten years if you:

  • clean it after each shave;
  • follow all manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • store it in a dry place;
  • keep up the correct charge;
  • lubricate all parts periodically, etc.

The instrument can break in a few months without service.

Care Principal Tips

Various dirt, hair residue, sebum can slow down the proper operation of the electric shaver blades. Because of this, many bacteria grow on the devices. The dirt also clogs the holes in the razor. It increases the load on the motor. So you won’t cut your hair easily next time. A clean, disinfected razor is much more comfortable and safer than a dirty one.

It is straightforward for everyone to take care of razors today. Even a little hot soapy water can assist you. After rinsing in clean running water, dry it, and place it in a case. Finish each shave by cleaning the appliances.

Replacement Electric Razor Blades

How to replace electric razor blades?

Unfortunately, the blades will blunt over time, even if you adhere to all the care recommendations. You don’t want to hurt your face, do you? Consequently, you have to set the task of changing the blades. Replace unusable spare parts at least every 12 months. And it is desirable to buy original tools for the corresponding model. Someone can ask how often to replace heads?

For 100% efficiency, the manufacturer says changing all shaving parts every 12-18 months.

Right Choice and Storage

You should make the right choice of the shaver. It is important to consider:

  • Skin type;
  • Hair features;
  • Conditions under which the electric shaver will be used;
  • Type of manufacturer;
  • Availability of important functions (for example, automatic cleaning, availability of a trimmer, etc.);

Although the razor may seem very strong, you can easily break it down. Therefore, you must store it in a case or under the cap. Dry the electric shaver before storage.


Try to charge electric shaver only when the battery is fully or almost completely discharged. Otherwise, the battery life decreases. Try to keep up a battery charge of up to 80%. Don’t shave if the battery is low.



Shaving doesn’t take much time considering a variety of devices, convenient and functional. A man can use a razor for 5, 6, 7, or even 12-13 years. The duration of work depends on the brand, quality, type, etc. Men don’t like to shave for a very long time. Owners of sensitive skin mainly take electric razors too. Such devices are perfect also for those who prefer to save time and look well-groomed anywhere and anytime. The blades do not need frequent changes. A massive plus of electric razors is water resistance. You can shave, even while taking a shower.

Do you ask how much time does an electric razor save? Electric shavers are more expensive but much more practical. They keep a lot of time. Compared to a regular razor, you’ll save 2-3 minutes. After all, you don’t need to apply cream or water. The care of your razor will give you a soft shaving longer than the specified expiration date. Thus, you use the shaver for a long time.


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