Can You Use an Electric Razor in the Shower?

Every person who faces the need to shave often asks many questions in the process. I often hear doubts about electrical appliances and water use. Can you use an electric razor in the shower? The first thing you need to know is the type of item. As you know, each machine has its characteristics. So, we will learn in this paragraph everything you need to know. Read and be experienced in the topic.

Can I Use an Electric Shaver in Shower?

Most people utilize electric razors more often today. According to Dolly Rivera’s research at Arkansas College of Barbering and Hair Design, electric razors are less harmful and useful for many reasons. You irritate your skin much less by using an electric device, unlike a manual one. It is reusable and saves your time.

I often hear whether it is possible to take such a device into the water. Can the wet process take place under the tap or even in the shower, bath? Let’s think logically. When buying, you are probably interested in item functions. So, I think a wet or dry shave should also be indicated. If you have already purchased, then the instructions help you find out are electric shavers waterproof.

So, if the machine has a specialized function, then you confidently take it in the shower. However, there are different features and manifestations of the skin from the dry or wet process. Which shave is less harmful to the dermis?

Comparison of Wet & Dry Shaving

Every man has his tastes and preferences as well as women. If you own a dual-function razor for wet and dry shaving, then you are probably thinking about many features. Which option is better? I compared and recorded several features in the table. I hope this assists you in coping with the task.

Wet Dry
Less irritation on steamed skin Irritation and possible rash
Better, smoother shave Requires more frequent shaving
The best result with the means for the procedure Convenience
Requires more time Fast procedure

My advice is to analyze for yourself all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the two options. After all, as far as I’m sure, each person has their preferences and different skin. For some, dry shaving is irritating; and for others, the procedure in water becomes unbearable. Pay attention to your features.

Some Tips for Using an Electric Shaver in Water

Some Tips for Using an Electric Shaver in Water

Not all razors can assist you in a shower. You can only take specially designed items into the water. Did you buy an electric razor with a wet shave function? Then, you should probably prepare. Using an electric shaver in a shower requires understanding and adherence to several rules. After all, the right procedure is important and provides pleasant skin and a quick shave.

I advise you always to follow a few basic tips which I perform myself. I am definite and satisfied with my face and body, coming from the shower. So, listen and be confident.

  1. Make sure the device is charged. I would recommend using a full battery. It will provide a more efficient process. Therefore, before you go to the shower or bath, charge your device in advance. I would not recommend taking a razor in the water while charging because it is too dangerous.
  2. Use a cream or lotion. I always advise you to utilize it. Of course, you can shave just under a stream of warm water. Modern devices do not require additional tools. But as far as I’ve practiced, they soften the process and make it easier and more enjoyable. Besides, shaving in the shower without creams can cause irritation and many problems, especially in very delicate areas. So, I always use creams.
  3. Massage the dermis. I always use a body scrub and massage well. Because thanks to this tool, you get rid of rough skin, slightly scratch the bristles. And this process, in turn, assists in taking away vegetation more effectively.
  4. Shave in the right direction. If you want to achieve smoothness, then shaving with an electric trimmer in the shower against growth is a need. And in general, I think it’s hard to pick up vegetation by its growth. I recommend doing this option only in very delicate areas, such as bikinis. Although, if you tend to ingrown hair, then you should also cut by growth.
  5. Follow proper care after. Because of steaming the skin in water, hitting it, you have to help it calm down. This process, of course, entails a little more time and the use of specialized gels. But believe me, that your dermis will not be irritated and red.
  6. Don’t forget to think about the device. You must wash, dry, and lubricate the machine. This rule is too influential. After all, I don’t think you want to throw it away after any procedures.

Wet shaving can give you a better effect and softer derma for longer. However, if you are in a hurry, then, of course, you shouldn’t take an electric razor in the shower.


Can You Use Shaving Cream in the Shower?

Of course, various detergents, shaving creams, shampoos, and others soften your skin. They help make the process more enjoyable and less likely to irritate. However, if you do not have them on hand, do not wait until the next day. Hot water widens the pores, and you will shave the body just as well.

Electric Shaver Before or After Shower

You can choose two options. They depend on the type of derma. Besides, you must pay attention to the waterproof electric razor and the possibility of using it in the shower. Before the bath, the bristles are hard, and an electric item can irritate the skin. And the water helps to expand pores, and shaving will become easier.

How to Lubricate an Electric Razor?

Lubricate the blades after cleaning. To do this procedure, take specially purchased oil. If you do not have such at home, then lubricate the item with baby oil. I think it won’t hurt, but on the contrary, it will affect.


Final Words

So, you have compared the types of shaving for yourself and reviewed practical tips. I don’t think it’s hard to understand that you can wet only specialized electric razors. However, do not forget about safety and pay attention to wires and charging. Besides, proper care for both the dermis and the razor creates less trouble.

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