Can You Bring Shaving Cream on a Plane?

Christmas is a good time to travel. Even if your holidays last from 3 to 5 days, get away and recreate. Do you prefer traveling by car? I am sure, expensive gas prices don’t sway you to stay home. But if you are to cover a huge distance, air travel is preferable. It’s a fast and safe way to gain a destination. Can you bring shaving cream on a plane? Quite naturally, you are to plan your trip ahead. Pack your bags smart, following TSA rules. How to do it? Let’s discuss it now.

What Do You Carry on a Plane?

Do you like traveling? According to BTS, 107.3 million of people in the USA have a Christmas journey. Do you prefer driving? Most of us do. Only 6.4 million Americans fly. Nevertheless, airports are busy these days, especially after the 23rd of December.

Popular destinations are:

  • New York City;
  • Chicago;
  • Colorado;
  • Florida;
  • Alaska.

Do you like going for ski, enjoy white Christmas or mild winter on Miami beach? Anyway, you want to look healthy and keep your skin hydrated during the holidays. Can you bring shaving cream on a plane carry on? It’s allowed. But shaving cream is a liquid. So, it’s to fly under the liquid packing rules.

How to Pack Your Carry-on Bag?

First of all, select the right bag. No international standard bag size exists. TSA has no luggage size restriction. Every airline has its own limits. Let me provide several examples.

AirlinesDimensions, in.Weight, lbs.
Jet Blue22*14*9-
American Airlines22*14*922
Jet Airways21.7*13.7*1015
Air Canada21.5*15.5*922

It’s strange, but Jet Blue Airways and Delta Air Lines have no carry-on bag weight restrictions. Exceptions concern only several Asian airports and destinations. However, you are to fit the bag under the seat or place it in the overhead bin without assistance.

Before packing your bag, check the limits by destinations and airline names. For example, Air China allows up to 11-pounds carry-on bags. Do you transport razors and shaving cream? Better place these items to the checked luggage. These allowances are less strict. Most airline companies allow up to 50 lbs./bag. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

Will You Carry On Liquids?

Will You Carry On Liquids on plane

According to TSA, shaving cream is a liquid. Do you want to carry it on? Yes, it’s possible. But only travel-sized containers are allowed. They should be no larger than 3.4 ounces. Pack up to 3 containers in a clear, plastic, zip-lock bag. Size of the bag should not exceed 1 quart.

Other liquids, aerosols and gels in the containers may include:

  • toiletry (shampoo, toothpaste, liquid make-up, body lotion);
  • beverage;
  • alcohol;
  • mouthwash;
  • antiperspirant.

Aerosol shaving cream is allowable. It is to fit a 3.4-oz container. Otherwise, pack it to your checked luggage. Medications and infant nourishment are exceptions. No limits are valid for them. Carry a copy of your prescription. Mark and separate these items. Inform the TSA officer about your necessities.

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Will Shaving Cream Explode on a Plane?

Because of high pressure, the risk exists. This kind of aerosols is allowed. So, they are not dangerous. Craving creams are protected by caps. They always arrive intact. Especially if you place them in your luggage. Passenger baggage compartment is safe. It exposures no heat and pressure.

Don’t transport other aerosol cans on an airplane, such as:

  • air fresheners;
  • self-defense sprays;
  • aerosol paint;
  • hair sprays;
  • pesticides;
  • insect and sunscreen repellents.

Place only your personal care items, like shave cream in carry-on luggage. You may carry on also batteries, knitting needles, gifts and small tools. Wrap them securely. Officers screen them. They might unwrap your Christmas gifts to inspect them. All explosive and flammable items, guns and sharp objects are prohibited. Do you need your knives, cutting instruments, safety or straight razors? If so, pack them to your checked luggage. It’s possible to carry on only disposable razors with cartridges.


Can you take shaving cream on airplane? Of course, you do. Pack it properly. Check the airline company policy and limits. Do you get a seat in economy, first or business class? It matters when it goes about your bags weight and dimensions. Don’t forget about Christmas gifts. Quite naturally, you buy them in advance. Wrap them on arrival. Have a nice trip and enjoy your holidays!


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