Can I Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Razor?

Are you a beginner in shaving? Being a teenager, you realize the necessity to start shaving. At the age of 14 or 15, your body develops facial hair. So, the selection of a suitable shaving method and device is a daunting task. Can I use shaving cream with an electric razor? You need to avoid skin irritation, get a close shave. Your time is limited virtually every morning, your skills are rudimentary. Anyway, you are to look impeccable in your college, university, on a date and always. Let’s consider basic shaving methods, their benefits and limitations.

Benefits of Using an Electric Razor

Are you going to start practicing electric shaving? What a wise decision! It’s a very good method for beginners. Electric razors are forgiving, easy to use. Have you got one of these modern devices? You are lucky. Quite naturally, nobody restricts you from using a shaving product you like. It helps you get a smoother shave, prevent skin irritation. Just select the device that is rated wet/dry. Thus, using shaving cream with a Philips Series 7000 is safe. Thanks to Aquatec technology and seal, it’s 100% waterproof.

If you do it, you:

  • save your time and money;
  • get versatility;
  • avoid cuts and razor burns;
  • enjoy convenience;
  • accelerate your learning curve.

Electric devices are not as compact and lightweight as disposable razors. But they are convenient, easy to use and maintain. Clean your shaving gear with an electric razor brush, dry it and recharge. Additionally, these handy devices are easy to engage and use. It saves your effort.

Do you prefer using your favorite after-shave product? Apply any gel, balm or cream, even if your shaver is not water-resistant. Moisturize your skin after your everyday morning ritual. It won’t ruin your shaver, as it shouldn’t contact the liquid.

Dry vs. Wet Shaving with Electric Razor

Thus, select a modern and advanced electric shaver. It provides wide versatility. Use it in various situations. It’s cordless, so you are free to shave anywhere, even on the plane. Which method do you prefer? It depends on several factors and circumstances.

Shaving MethodWetDry
Time to Spend, min.10-202-3
Time of the Dayeveningmorning
Required Wateryesno
Requires Poweryes/noyes
Skin Irritationreducedless

Quite naturally, best way to shave with an advanced electric razor is after shower or bath. Your skin soaks in warm water. It becomes softer and smoother. Water softens and stands up your hair, lifting hair follicles. Your hair is easier to cut. Bathing opens your pores. Your skin becomes healthier and cleaner.

Prepare face skin for an electric razor, and you get closer, smoother shave. It matters when it goes about manual razors. Electric devices work like scissors. They engage two blades to cut hair from opposite sides. Additionally, they use skin elasticity to get perfect shaving results. Glide rings press down on the skin and move it. After shaving, your skin goes back to its initial state. It pulls the hair back.

Pros and Cons of Using Shaving Cream

Wet shaving is beneficial if you are not in a rush. Devote time to your own needs, relax and have pleasure. If you have very little time, prefer dry method. Shave anywhere, driving to your office, on a train or a plane. Get speed and convenience you need at the moment.

Should you use pre-shaving cosmetics? If you like it, it’s in your hands. Shaving cream and electric razors are compatible. But only if your device is modern and water-resistant.

Pre-shave cream/lotion:

  • smells good;
  • hydrates and nourishes your skin;
  • acts as protection;
  • raises your skin;
  • helps in shaving hair.

Shaving without cream is a budget-saving decision. Skin irritation is a controversial question. Shaving cream for electric shavers consists of glycerin, hydration oils and anti-bacterial chemicals. It might cause an allergy. Foam is not too stable. So, its ability to moisturize your skin is decent.

Do you need shaving cream to shave your pubes? Pubic hair protects you. It controls body temperature. But if you decided to do it, don’t hesitate. You might need it for hygienic or personal reasons. So, don’t hurry up. Take your time to avoid injuries. Use oil or shaving cream, moisturize your skin. Will you do it with a safety razor? Maybe, with a straight one? It could be dangerous. Trimming is the best method in this case. Select a suitable electric shaver.

Do you prefer using shave gel for electric shaver? Both products are easy to use. Being waterless and transparent, shaving gel may suit your sensitive skin. Apply it in a thin layer. Save your favorite product. What about dry shaving method? It helps to reduce skin irritation due to minimal abrasion. Blades don’t contact your sensitive skin. The reason is in distance between the skin surface and the glide rings.

How to Use An Electric Razor?

How to Use An Electric Razor?

American Academy of Dermatology recommends you to understand your skin type initially. Your or professionals may identify it as:

  • dry;
  • sensitive;
  • normal;
  • combination;
  • oily.

Can you use shaving cream with an electric razor? Only your skin type and preferences determine your choice. Normal skin looks healthy and vibrant. It enables using any suitable, top-quality cosmetics. It requires less maintenance and remains perfect. Oily skin needs more attention. It requires regular exfoliation, daily cleansing and moisturizing. Oil-free cosmetics is preferable.

If your skin is dry, shaving cream is essential. It hydrates, nourishes it. Your itchy, flaky skin requires moisturizing. Increasing razor glide, shaving gel is also helpful. But both products contain a bit of alcohol. It might dry out your vulnerable skin. Combination skin has a few problematic areas. Pay more attention to your nose, chin and forehead while shaving.

Electric Shaver Tips

Sensitive skin is prone to irritation and redness. You may suffer from cuts, razor burns and breakouts. Thus, it’s especially important to select top-quality shaving products. Check labels and ingredients. If you suffer from allergy to any chemicals or products, make sure to avoid them.

Commonly, men have thicker skin than young women. Their skincare routine is simple. Dermatologists recommend you to:

  • wash your face daily;
  • moisturize it;
  • check your skin;
  • apply sunscreen if it’s sunny.

Select a perfect shaving technique and a high-end, modern electric shaver. Prepare your skin before shaving. Start with your sensitive areas. Don’t press too hard. Moisturize your skin after shaving. Clean your electric razor.


So, do you need shaving cream to use with electric shavers? It depends. If you get a top-quality, water-resistant device, it’s versatile. You have no limitations. Prefer wet shaving if you need some relaxation and perfect experience. Dry method is good when you are in a hurry or have no access to water. So, select any method you like and enjoy convenience and ease of use of electric shavers.


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