Best Pre Shave Lotion for Electric Razor

Shaving is a regular procedure for men who don’t like to walk with a beard and bristles. However, various side effects, irritation, acne are very unpleasant. They can bother every user with a variety of razors and blades. Of course, shaving affects the skin, removes the top layer, and causes discomfort.

Lotions, creams, balms have a positive effect on the dermis before and after shaving. They soothe it and relieve the trouble. There is a wide range of men’s cosmetics on the market nowadays. Therefore, you should understand how to select the preferable option. In this article, I offer you tips on choosing and reviewing of five best pre-shave lotions for an electric razor.

Williams Lectric Shave Razor Pre-Shave for Men

Williams Lectric Shave Razor Pre-Shave for Men

10Expert Score
The Perfect Complex for Easier Shaving

Men, who do not like to leave a beard, care about the smoothness of the skin. Many women consider a man's beautiful face a sign of success. However, what will help you to be constantly satisfied with your skin? Williams Lectric Shave is a product that is suitable for any skin type. It won’t leave an unpleasant touch in the form of irritated derma.

  • Soothing complex
  • Smooth shave
  • Without a feeling of stickiness
  • Not a very pleasant smell
  • Oily residue on the face
  • Contains alcohol
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This pre-shave lotion for electric shaver enhances smooth gliding during shaving. You apply it with smooth movements, and after a few minutes, you can start the procedure. Many men are satisfied with the perfect results. The aroma is a bit pungent but it depends on the person’s tastes. The product soothes the epidermis and provides complete comfort during the procedure.


I see a lot of positive feedback from customers. It soothes and disinfects. It contains alcohol, although it does not overdry the dermis due to the content of moisturizers based on the tea tree. I advise all owners of problem skin to try. I checked its quality on myself. But each skin is individual with its characteristics.

Freelette Pre & After Electric Shave Lotion

Freelette Pre & After Electric Shave Lotion

9.7Expert Score
Convenient & Easy to Utilize Every Day

The most popular among men are shaving products. This procedure requires a lot of effort to keep the skin soft and painless. Freelette lotion is a means that will replace all other products, such as creams, soaps, gels. In addition, it is suitable both before and after the procedure.

  • Pleasant result
  • Economical
  • Good quality
  • Strong smell
  • Too sticky
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The content of herbs in the lotion provides normalization of the dermis and its hydration. The face looks alive and healthy without redness and spots. Some buyers complain of an unpleasant odor or excessive sharpness. However, this does not affect the result, and the tool provides a lasting feeling of freshness.


We often wonder how to use pre-electric shave lotion. However, most products should be applied to the skin in a circular motion, lightly massaging. Freelette Shave Lotion is universal. So, you can use it before and after. In addition, you won’t notice any irritation in just a few steps. The scent will be in the background when you forget about dryness, peeling, and other unpleasant sensations on the face.

Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion With Skin Conditioners

Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion With Skin Conditioners

9.5Expert Score
Clean Shave Without Any Irritation

The epidermis is irritated when the blades slide on it. Someone feels such actions too painful even after the process. However, someone does not even feel discomfort. This Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion won’t make your skin suffer. It is an inexpensive way to facilitate slipping and reduce discomfort.

  • Soothes well
  • Economical
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Scent is sharp
  • Contains alcohol
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Essential Characteristics

If you pay enough attention to your face, then I advise you to look at this tool. It regenerates cells and heals damage. If there are wounds in the process of shaving, then the tool will promote faster healing. It moisturizes even too dry skin effectively. Besides, it enriches with useful extracts and minerals.


Ordinary soap serves many men in the process of eliminating excess vegetation. However, on the contrary, it provokes various side effects, dryness, peeling, and the like. The lotion restores normal water balance in skin cells. This is an important element because the irritation will be less and less disturbing. You’ll feel freshness and purity.

Speick Pre Electric Razor Lotion with Lavender Oil

Speick Pre Electric Razor Lotion with Lavender Oil

9.2Expert Score
Sensual Aroma, Delicate Skin, Strong Action

Do you like softness, tenderness, and a pleasant smell? So, Speick Men lotion is created for you. It has good properties, a pleasantly strong aroma of lavender, protection of the epithelium from possible bacteria. Besides, it pleasantly tones, makes the skin breathe, and restores the upper irritated layer.

  • Closer shaving
  • Therapeutic effect
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Very aromatic
  • Overpriced
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Several Features

If you are aging with inflammation and uncomfortable burning, then try applying the product before starting the process. It contains an oil that perfectly smoothes and soothes, provides a long-lasting protective effect. I think that it’s the best pre-shave oil for electric shavers. It promotes a comfortable feeling and acts as a therapeutic agent.


The lotion is made from natural products that soften the skin and effectively relieve inflammation. I see that it is effective for many buyers. Most men are happy with the purchase, given the results. It is suitable for any skin type and will relax it. Softening the bristles just before the process reduces the presence of irritation.

Old Ron’s Barber Co. Electric Pre-Shave Splash

Old Ron's Barber Co. Electric Pre-Shave Splash

8.9Expert Score
The Perfect Solution for Problem Derma

Every man dreams of being attractive to women, right? However, frequent cuts and redness make you worried. If you want to forget about such effects of shaving, then look at Old Ron's Barber Co. Splash. It has no odor, which is beneficial for people with a hypersensitive sense of smell. It does not contain any harmful substances, dyes that cause allergies. Its consistency allows you to save.

  • Odorless
  • Provides easy sliding
  • Does not irritate
  • Too sticky
  • Quickly scores blades
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What is Unique?

The lotion is made without chemical components, and there is no smell. It is not intended for the treatment and healing of wounds. However, it has a good effect on the skin, disinfects it, and relieves irritation. It moisturizes the skin and restores its naturalness. I once also ordered such a product, and it suited me perfectly. So, I think you will not make a mistake with the choice.

My Estimation

The product requires your attention because it helps to soften the condition of the skin and soothe it. I do not advise neglect by any means. After all, an electric razor also irritates the skin. If you prefer a dry shave, then this lotion will not work after. Some buyers claim stickiness. They have a long time to clean the razor from the hair that sticks to the blades. So, try to wash it off gradually in the process.

How to Select a Lotion Correctly? – Buyer’s Guide

Many people, who use electric razors recently, think about utilizing a shaving cream for a wet electric shaver. Can you take any remedies? Are they needed or simply recommended? The skin is very sensitive on the face, so a variety of creams during the shaving procedure bring only a positive. However, the choice can be difficult for many beginners. So, let’s look at a few basic factors and benefits for making the right option.

What Are the Benefits of Using Lotions?

How to Select a Lotion Correctly

Hypersensitivity of the skin often suffers from unpleasant sensations during shaving. Balms are designed to alleviate and prevent the poor condition of the dermis. The lotion moisturizes. On the advice of the AAD, the use of a cream or shave is mandatory to avoid irritation. However, you should also make sure that your face is not dry. Otherwise, moisten the dermis with water. What are the benefits, in my opinion?

  • The color becomes normal naturally, without redness;
  • Destruction of bacteria or fungus;
  • Pain becomes weaker or disappears altogether;
  • Elimination of the inflammatory process and symptoms;
  • The probability of ingrown hairs decreases;
  • Rapid recovery of the epidermis;
  • Pleasant refreshing smell.

I often use the tools myself, especially in wet shaving. It feel nice to the touch skin and do not suffer from irritation. I advise you to look at the composition of the components and prefer natural. They are suitable for any age and deprive the dermis of dryness.

What to Base Your Choice on?

Many options for cosmetics are presented on the market today. On the one hand, it’s cool. However, on the other hand, you may get confused. There are several factors you should look at.

  • Personal tastes. Everyone prefers one or another smell, even the look of the bottle itself. So, choose what you like.
  • The composition of the products. Manufacturers often add various chemical ingredients that can cause allergies. Nevertheless, some people can perceive them without problems. Therefore, natural ingredients are a significant advantage.
  • Well-known brands. You cannot be sure of the quality of products of unknown companies and brands. So, I constantly advise you to choose products from well-known manufacturers. Such steps will help to avoid fraud and forgery.
  • Skin type. This factor is no less important. The products are divided into categories by derma type. Adjust the choice to your characteristics.
  • Cost. We are accustomed to claims that the higher price of a product depends on quality. I also think so. I believe you may come across a cheap fake. Therefore, I do not advise you to save on yourself and your well-being.
  • Suitability. Pay attention to the term. Sometimes, you may run out of time, and the lotion can cause allergies or harm.

Be careful before you purchase. Pay attention to all factors taking into account all the reviews. I know that the omission of any of the points can then affect the consequences. If you choose the wrong products, then you may experience a poor condition of the epidermis.

How to Avoid Skin Irritations & How to Prevent Them

How to Avoid Skin Irritations & How to Prevent Them?

Sometimes, we think about whether to wash our face before or after shaving. Yes, it all depends on the skin type. Similarly, choosing a gel or lotion, using it correctly is too important. In my experience, I recommend using such remedies. They help reduce the likelihood of bad effects on the dermis. Also, you can prepare homemade pre-electric shave lotion yourself. There are many recipes using honey, castor, olive oil, and others. You can try if you have free time and desire. So, let’s figure several principles to avoid and prevent irritation.

  • It isn’t necessary to use a bad low-quality razor with blunt blades or a torn foil. It may contain too many bacteria that cause the epidermis to become damaged and irritated.
  • Skincare should be proper both before and after the procedure.
  • After each shave, you should thoroughly clean the tools.
  • Pay attention to your shaving, i.e. the technique of the procedure.

All the nuances are momentous in the process of the procedure itself. This is your skin and your face. As a result of an injured shave, I advise you to turn to products based on natural ingredients.


Is Shaving Remedy a Must for Electric Razors?

No, if you utilize a dry shaver. You do not need any creams. Otherwise, specialized lotions will help reduce or avoid irritation. You can rely on your taste and choice.

What Are the Functions of Men's Shaving Cosmetics?

Remedies can prevent unpleasant derma problems and irritation. After the procedure, you can relieve the skin from burning, redness, soothe it.

What Is the Order of Using the Lotion?

You should wash your face with water and apply the product. It should become smooth or foamy. After the procedure, you can wash off the residue again and wipe it.

Wrapping Up

The selection of good cosmetics gives the preferable effect on the skin. The quality lotion will provide instant soothing and moisturize the dermis. Besides, you’ll enjoy the pleasant aromas and a charge of freshness for the whole day. I have given you advice worthy of your attention. I hope my info was useful. Choose wisely, taking into account your skin, type, preferences, and tastes.

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