About Brian Jones

Hello, guys,

I would like to tell you about benefits of shaving. Are you going to select an electric shaver? I have some experience in using these time-saving devices. So, if you are a young person or a beginner that explores dry shaving, read this blog.

About Me

Brian Jones

My name is Brian Jones. I come from Boston. What does living in our populous and economically powerful city look like? If you are a student, come here and get a great university experience. You might have some time to see amazing historical buildings or visit museums.

As for me, I studied at Harvard University. I’ve graduated. Now I’m 29 and I work hard. Being a business traveler, I have too few days off. Fortunately, I usually have a couple of hours to explore the city I’m visiting. However, covering much ground, I always have to look great.

Why do I Headline Shaving?

Yes, I prefer to keep my mustache. I think it suits me. But I have to be clean-shaven. It helps me make a good impression on my business partners and customers.

As a matter of fact, clean-shaven men look:

  • young;
  • attractive;
  • trustworthy;
  • responsible;
  • confident about their looks.

It might be a part of a formal dress code. Anyway, I think it helps me to make beneficial contracts, getting on with people I meet.

What is Your First Electric Shaver?

So, I have some experience in shaving. I’ve practiced wet shaving at first. Then I switched over to electric devices. They are handy and time-saving. Which razor offers a close shave? Having a little time between trips, I’d like to help you to make an informed decision. Reading on the way, I’ve studied recent scientific researches and expert opinions. Thus, I would give you a piece of advice.

Upon testing the best electric shaver models, I’ll try to assess their quality. Being a beginner in shaving, why don’t you start with the most efficient device? I pick up the ones that deliver smooth and safe shave and review them. I’ll try to be honest. So, I hope, these pages spark your interest in electric shaving. Please, feel free to ask questions and leave your feedback.

Kind regards,